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As the most sought-after residential Facility management firm in Bangalore, Paradigm has successfully completed over 200 projects. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to offer competitive and valuable services to our clients. Our team comprises knowledgeable and productive individuals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

We value our employees’ human rights and ensure that they receive training and growth opportunities within the company. Our hierarchy consists of highly qualified individuals who possess valuable expertise in various fields, including technical and engineering management, ISO Standards, health and safety, quality, round-the-clock support, as well as HR and administrative management. All our team members are fully equipped to assist clients with their needs.

Our Values

Our focus lies in providing exceptional internal and external environments for our partner vendors and human resources. We believe that a conducive environment is essential to achieve our goals and vision, and therefore, we strive to incorporate enriched value systems into our practices.

We strongly uphold and acknowledge the value systems, including beliefs and actions, that reflect our effectiveness in each community we serve, including our company’s vendors and human resources.









A Great Place To Work

Paradigm’s success stems from its investments in both technology and people. We have a team of professionals with specialized knowledge in every industry and market, who are equipped with contemporary IT tools for effective planning and monitoring of tasks and complex processes.

We place a high value on effective management of our employee staff, which involves motivation and monitoring. Through emphasizing these aspects, we ensure that our employees receive the necessary training and knowledge to provide excellent services. We also prioritize building strong relationships with our personnel, ensuring their satisfaction and motivation by maintaining transparency in our policies and pay scales. This fosters a workplace culture of mutual respect and trust, helping us avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Overall, our employee management strategy is a critical component of our organization and plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity and success of our services.

Paradigm supports its employees in exploring their interests, skills, and values, as well as the factors that impact their professional growth. We aid them in identifying resources and sources of information about various career paths, and help them create a plan to achieve their goals and determine their next steps.

Paradigm leverages feedback to help employees align their work-related actions with their personal and organizational goals. This not only improves self-awareness but also helps employees modify their self-perceptions and ratings, as well as identify performance gaps.

Paradigm is dedicated to educating and inspiring our employees, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into their teams and the business. We employ a strengths-based approach to performance attainment, supporting employees in achieving optimal results for themselves. This strategy fosters ongoing learning and development at all levels.

Research has revealed that regular exercise can reduce employee absenteeism by up to 25%, boost productivity by up to 32%, and enhance overall morale. Additionally, studies have shown that individuals who maintain an active lifestyle tend to be happier, healthier, and more energetic than those who don’t. Bearing this in mind, Paradigm organizes health and fitness events and motivates employees to prioritize their health and well-being.

Paradigm provides flexible work arrangements that allow employees to modify their typical work schedules to better suit their obligations outside of the workplace. This approach ensures that every employee receives the ideal work-life balance, thereby maximizing productivity.

At Paradigm, employee networks are groups of coworkers that come together voluntarily based on shared characteristics or experiences. These networks help employees support one another, advance their professional development, and contribute to personal growth in the workplace. They also facilitate interpersonal interactions and foster a supportive environment.

Cultural & Annual Events

Paradigm values diversity and inclusivity, and hosts a variety of cultural events to celebrate different traditions and promote employee engagement. These celebrations are not only a time for employees to socialize and have fun, but also an opportunity for them to learn about different cultures and perspectives. By promoting cultural awareness and appreciation, Paradigm creates a positive work environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Paradigm takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and actively seeks ways to contribute to society. They prioritize ethical and sustainable business practices, reduce their environmental impact, and ensure employee safety and well-being. Additionally, they participate in community outreach programs and donate to charities to support social causes. By integrating CSR into their operations, Paradigm demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact on society and being a responsible corporate citizen.

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