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    Paradigm Facility Management Services

    We began operations in 2006 and have grown to become one of the largest residential comprehensive facility management companies. Paradigm is committed to providing valuable and competitive services to its customers through a team of skilled and efficient employees.

    For more than 16 years, Paradigm has operated without the use of intermediates. Full control over the effectiveness and quality of the services is guaranteed by our direct, qualified, and knowledgeable staff. Every client receives a personal operations manager from us. We establish a relationship with our clients through direct communication that helps us to comprehend their systems and demands, which in turn enables us to address issues effectively and efficiently.

    We are an Integrating Facility Management firm with Technology based Solutions to Optimize the overall Cost of your asset's maintenance.

    Our Services

    Administrative Services

    Complete Facility Management through Admin Staff like Facility Manager, Facility Executive, Helpdesk, Front desk, and Supervisors


    An experienced and professional team that can create clean and tidy surroundings of any given space

    Gardening & Pest Control

    An experienced and professional team that can create aesthetically appealing green surroundings

    Water Management

    Complete Facility Management through Admin Staff like Facility Manager, Facility Executive, Helpdesk, Front desk, and Supervisors

    Technical Services

    Offering Technical and Periodic Maintenance of the Facility and related assets by the Technical Managers, Electricians, Plumbers and Operators

    Technical Audit

    Highly Experienced professionals with domain knowledge in engineering, equipped with measuring and monitoring devices to analyse the equipment performance and recommend system improvements

    Security Services

    Only qualified personnel who are trained to our customer’s specific requirements are deployed to guard the security posts

    Tank Cleaning Services

    A multi-Stage cleaning process with sophisticated equipment is used during the cleaning of tanks to meet the quality and standards

    Background & Police Verifivation

    Identity check,Address check, court record check, employment check and police verification of tenants.

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    Our clients experience an average savings of 10-15% on their FM spend.

    An FM Program Analysis from Paradigm includes:

    • Spend analysis versus industry benchmarks
    • Comprehensive operational review
    • Current expense analysis with insights from our experts on potential cost reductions

    Submit the form to see if your company is eligible to receive a free FM Program Analysis from Paradigm.

    Why People Choose Us?

    Our special & unique capabilities, technology, operating procedures that would be of direct benefit to the Clients


    Online/ Phone help within minutes.

    Best Quality Assured and maintained.

    Site presence by Paradigm SME’s within 45-60 mins.

    Reach out to the right persons with escalation matrix

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    • ISO 41001: Is An Organizational  Function Which Integrates People, Places And Process With in The Built Environment  With The Purpose Of Improving The Quality Of Life Of People And The Productivity Of The Core Business
    • ISO 45001: will focus on Safe work practices and healthy work environment.
    • ISO 14001: focuses on environmental impact by our activities.
    • ISO 9001: focuses on quality in Product and Services


    Understanding the client is our primary commitment

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      Our Clients

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      • NVT
      • PRESTIGE
      • SHOBHA
      • PRIDE
      • CENTURY
      • PURVA
      • BRIGADE
      • SHRIRAM
      • RMZ CORP
      • SNN
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