Bangalore Apartment’s Federation presents

All Party TownHall

Paradigm Services was the principal sponsor of this truly informative and educational All Party Townhall discussion and Q&A session about the importance of sustainable development and how to provide, promote, and facilitate the people of Bangalore, which is soon going to be a trillion dollar economy. Organised at the Century Club in Bengaluru on March 12, 2023. This event was graced by reputed personalities as the speakers, namely: Dr. Aswath Narayan, C.N. (MLA, Malleswaram, BJP), Sri Ramalinga Reddy (MLA, BTM Layout, Congress), Sri Tanveer Ahmed (spokesperson, Janta Dal), and Sri Prithvi Reddy (state convenor, AAP Karnataka).

Here are some of the key points discussed by the guests that completely influenced their opinion of our services:

  1. Promote, support, and facilitate the people: The city of Bengaluru has been growing at a massive pace for the past 10 years, and it has been predicted by analysts that the city is going to be one of the major economies of the world (1 trillion dollars) by 2032. For this to happen, Bengaluru must provide affordable and worry-free living to people living in the city. Paradigm has been indulging itself in providing conveniences and transparency to the residents for over 17 years and helping them lead a happy life in the city.
  2.  Proper water management for better future: Urban water systems are dealing with rapidly changing conditions. Climate change, urbanization, and aging infrastructure aggravate current water challenges by causing flooding, water scarcity, and pollution. To address this situation, proper water management systems needed to be installed to protect citizens’ health and hygiene. Paradigm has expertise in water management systems, and our team inspects the sewage treatment plant on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively. If any problems are discovered, the team will take immediate corrective action to resolve the issue and keep the plant running smoothly.
  3. Rainwater Harvestin: Guests at this event were keen about the importance of rainwater harvesting for the future water requirements of the city. Bangalore is a city that receives a large amount of rainfall throughout the year, and harvesting that water could significantly reduce the water requirements of people now and in the future. Paradigm has been very focused on rainwater harvesting for its customers,and we have gotten great feedback too. Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for future use, which can help mitigate the effects of drought and water scarcity. By collecting and storing rainwater, we can reduce the amount of water that is taken from other sources, such as municipal water systems, and help to conserve this valuable resource for future generations.
  4.  Great living in residential complexes:As the city grows at an unprecedented rate, more and more residential buildings are being built, and the city requires great players who can maintain the necessities, amenities, and security of the complexes. Paradigm has played an important role in providing total facility management to over 200 complexes in Bangalore, making us the most trusted residential facility management company in the city. Paradigm is committed to providing its customers with valuable and competitive services, which are delivered by a team of skilled and efficient employees. By preparing and delivering client-centered services that are long-term and supportive of environmental excellence, we can give the communities a physical environment that is secure, productive, technologically advanced, and well-maintained.

In conclusion, the Townhall discussion was an eye opener for many people about the necessity and urgency of various requirements that Bangalore needs as it is growing at a very high pace, and we as a company take pride in serving not only the people but also the city.Paradigm is fortunate enough to be a part of forces that are working vigorously to make this beautiful city function better and make it the best livable city in the world.