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Administrative Services - Facility Manager, Admin Staff, Helpdesk, Office Executive

  • Attend promptly to any queries or complaints raised by occupants and to maintain good relations with all parties at all times;
  • Set documentation and reporting procedures, and make recommendation for changes if necessary;
  • Set building condition and make recommendations for short and long term upgrades/refurbishment/attend promptly to all correspondence, notifications and enquires regarding the Building;
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure that all installations are cleaned, properly maintained and serviced;
  • Fully document all items of plant and equipment by way of inventory;
  • Keep and update records of all maintenance programs undertaken;
  • Set and establish security and safety procedures for emergency situations;
  • Set the security posting and manning, work/shift schedule
  • Set cleaning systems and procedures;
  • Maintain a pleasing environment with good landscaping;
  • Closely work with the association for ensuring the uninterrupted water supply;
  • Set pest control and rodent control program;
  • Keep basic/petty cash -books of account. (Petty cash not exceeding Rs.10,000/-)
  • Advising models for optimum utilization of power.
  • Update equipment details, which shall form a part of asset register and history card of all the equipment.
  • Record operation and performance parameters of the Installations.
  • Take inventory of electro-mechanical consumables, preparing purchase requisitions for the spares and consumables for maintenance.
  • Checking of lifts, Distribution Boards and Panels, Distribution of power
  • For all materials including diesel etc., certain advance to be maintained by the Estate Manager.
  • Operation of DG, pump motors, Water supply and distribution system.
  • Keeping track of the plumbing layout and inventory of fixtures.
  • Optimum use of the Water can be obtained by maintaining an efficient system and proper utilization.
  • The consumption levels, water quality and chemical levels are constantly monitored and maintained at specified levels.
  • Co-ordination with Annual Maintenance Service provider / Operating Agencies of MC.
  • Co-ordination with OEM other agencies of the MC monitoring and analyzing service standard on behalf of the MC
  • Evaluate same, advise on selection of contractors and subsequently assist where appropriate with the supervision of work;
  • Set the specifications and documents for the calling of tenders or quotations for such works as may be required to the common areas, etc.;

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