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Paradigm Integrated Facility Management Services.

Established in year 2006, now one of the largest Residential Comprehensive Facility Management ISO certified firm in Bengaluru.

  • We would like to introduce ourselves as a group of professionals from the Property/Facility management and Real Estate field with good resources to meet the specialized requirements of your assets.
  • With dedication to excellence, Paradigm is committed to providing its customers with only the highest standard of service, carried out by a team of well-trained staff.
  • Paradigm Services acts as a single point of contact for enhancing the operations of complex facilities.

We provide a complete array of services purely through “INHOUSE TRAINED MANPOWER” so as to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your maintenance needs.

  • In order to efficiently provide a wide and varied range of property support services, the services have been divided into specialized categories:
  • Facility & Property (Residential/Commercial) Management.
  • Retail/Mall Management.
  • Comprehensive Building Maintenance.
  • We ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. We analyze and implement only the highest standard of service carried out by a team of well trained staff.


Understanding client is our Primary commitment

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We provide a complete array of services purely through “INHOUSE TRAINED MANPOWER” so as to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your maintenance needs and below are our list of Services offered

Administrative Services

Complete Facility Management through our Admin Staff like Facility General Manager, Facility Executive, Helpdesk, Supervisors and Admin Staff

Technical Services

Offering Technical and Periodic Maintenance of the facility and related assets by Technical Managers, Electricians, Plumbers and Operators

Housekeeping, Gardening Services & Pest Control

An experienced and professional team that can create beautiful surroundings from any open space

O&M of Water Treatment Units

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Water Treatment Units(WTP), Pools and Water Bodies and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

Tank Cleaning Services

Multi-Stage cleaning process with sophisticated Equipments are used during cleaning of tanks to meet the quality and standards

Security Services

Only qualified Officers who are trained to our customer's specific requirements are deployed to guard the security posts


ISO Certifications

Key Strengths

Head Office Support systems available

 24 hrs support cell.
 30 mins response time on escalations.
 90 mins physical reach time of Sr. officials at site.
 Connectivity through email & Whatsapp system with higher-ups
 Escalation matrix

Quality Assurance Process

Paradigm considers each of its clientele in high regard and understands that, things such as Processes, Schedules, Scope of Work, Expectations needs to be put in place right at the start. Hence, the first assignment after Principal approval will be the formation of the transition plan to allocate senior resources to start with the understanding of the site. The site will be audited in detail, report of the same shall be submitted to the Association and same will be signed off during takeover.

Schedule of work, Site Manual, Scope of Work, Processes, Checklists, Registers, Training etc., will be laid out within 20-30 days by Senior Management and the Site Manager after tailoring it to the site requirements. The services will be reviewed on weekly basis for first month and then a fortnightly review for two months will be scheduled to set things on track on high priority.

Firm’s special or Unique capabilities, Technology or Operating procedures

 Since Paradigm has in-house knowledge and expertise on all of the service categories, dependency on vendor expertise or turnaround for any work or emergency is minimal or non-existent.
 Paradigm has a database of different supply/service vendors that helps in attending to different requirements of the complex easier for the site managers.
 Paradigm also sources supply of materials directly from the manufacturer or the main distributors resulting in better pricing for the materials. Materials / consumables are checked for quality before they are sourced and also once they are delivered. This brings in value for money and quality products instead of may be lesser or same priced but lower quality products which do not provide value for their price.

Labour Relations

Labour staff management is considered the most crucial aspect of our service industry and it is emphasized in all our policies, trainings, orientations or functioning of the operations team. Paradigm is of the understanding that the labour staff hired by Paradigm or by any service Provider is and will be the same as they are all picked from almost the same pool or sources.

The difference will be made on training them, keeping their motivation levels high and monitoring them to get an effective output. Paradigm believes in transparent policy from a 360 degree perspective and hence maintains the complete transparency on salary components, breakups and statutory outflows with the staff as much as it maintains with its esteemed clientele. This has also earned respect and cordial relations for Paradigm in the various Govt statutory bodies such as the ESI, PF and Labour departments.

Customer Relation

Customer relationship plays a crucial role in effective management of our services. Understanding resident requirements, exploring different solutions and taking continuous feedback is stressed upon at each and every step of our service provision. The Helpdesk or CRE is stressed to understand this primary requirement of Paradigm before he or she is hired by us. The closure of complaints/ Requests is always accompanied by a rating to understand and monitor customer satisfaction on the said work.

An online feedback form/ hard copy feedback form (depending on MC preference) is circulated every month/quarter(again depending on MC preference) is mandatorily taken by Paradigm to monitor resident concerns and understanding pain points. Quarterly review of all services is taken up with MC. Senior managers audit the site monthly and meet up with concerned portfolio members on need basis to address any deviations in service commitments.

Team Skills and Integration

Team development and integration activities are included to support the transition of personnel into customer.

Guaranteed Performance

Our performance is measured by objective indicators and guaranteed by SLA and incentive systems.

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